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It's a wrap . . .

2015 has finally wrapped up. It has been a very long year. Great in many ways, arduous in others.

I'm glad it is over and that everyone I know has survived in one piece, in one way or another at least.

So much as gone wrong in the last 12 months, so much has fallen away and yet, I've met some of the most amazing people and had the chance to work at what I love. I've had time to try new things, to create silly little characters and stretch myself. I've succeeded and failed in equal measure. Nothing worked out how I thought it would. Maybe that's a good thing. Like the Finn brothers say - "It doesn't pay to make predictions sleeping on an unmade bed. Finding out wherever there is comfort there is pain." Whatever that means.

Headed to the beach tonight to see the sunset. In typical fashion running late as the sun sank rapidly towards the horizon. We pulled over as it disappeared in a ruby haze behind Oaia Island at exactly 8.43pm. Maroon Five's, 'Sugar' blared from Maddy's phone in the back seat. Drove a little further, parked the car and set off into the dusk, all five of us. Each quietly aware that across that sea, somewhere, in a long invisible line to London, our eldest was waking to another day of winter weather. An easterly swept up, blowing the spray from the turning tide back on itself while the last rays lit up the beach in flourescent tones of pink and yellow. A lone spinifex danced along the wet red sand.

Another year ending, another about to begin.

So here's to what matters most to me before midnight strikes. The joy of watching our children grow, the privilege of getting older with the people I love near. To creativity, freedom and living in the best place in the world. To great music, good books, mad laughter and quiet moments.

To my lovely family and dear friends . . . Happy New Year. Hope 2016 brings everything you wish for.

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