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Uncle Vic, meet Auntie Ellie . . .

Uncle Vic's Farm by Raewyn Caisley has arrived in the form of an advance copy

from Duck Creek Press. Available in the shops in early October and just in time for Christmas. Here it is together with its predecessor and with the opening spread, which was my favourite one to draw. Especially pleasing is that it is a quintessentially New Zealand story and we certainly need more of those for our children. Well done to the author, Raewyn, for telling stories original to this part of the world. In this book, main character Leyla has grown a little taller and is having summer at the farm.

It all turns out a little differently than she expects.

Whilst it is great to see the finished product and have the satisfaction of completion, now comes that time of the year when new things are floating around in the ether, yet nothing is an actual concrete project. Who knows what will be next on the drawing board.

Off to Wellington for Tinderbox 2015 on the 2nd of October - a conference for writers and illustrators. Time to catch up with lots of amazing people who work so tirelessly to produce quality children's books both in New Zealand and internationally.

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