Part of Endpapers for Auntie Ellie
Part of Endpapers for Auntie Ellie
Part of Endpapers for Aunty Edna
Part of Endpapers for Aunty Edna

I love designing and illustrating endpapers. Here are two examples.  Often, it is a chance for the illustrator to add embellishment and symbolism to the story.


In 'Auntie Ellie's Beach House', there is mention of a seahorse skeleton tangled in seaweed, yet there was limited room within the layout to illustrate it.  By placing

the image in the endpapers, it became

a visual touchstone; an echo of the text.


For 'Aunty Edna of Duck Creek Pond',

I considered several concepts but kept returning to the idea of Elizabethan pattern.  

A Romeo and Juliet tale with a twist,

it seemed a nod to that period was fitting.  

Referencing Elizabethan blackwork embroidery produced a repeat design that worked across the double page spread.

In fact, the publisher decided to continue 

it over to a third facing page.  

Whilst its significance may not be obvious,

it was fun to create and feels just a little

bit opulent.